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Leading a Digital Revolution

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In an article in Egypt Today, Ramy Habeeb explains his vision for Arabic ebooks:

Habeeb explains that he did a survey and discovered that most books in Egypt are “limited in distribution to how far the publishing house can physically carry the books. That means the majority of books published here in Egypt only have a three to five kilometer radius. That basically means your book is not available in Alexandria, it’s only available in Downtown Cairo. Forget Sudan, forget Syria and the Levant and the [Gulf countries].” Habeeb hopes to appeal to readers who have resigned themselves to never finding the books they want and not being able to afford them even if they can find them.

Read the article here.


Kirk Biglione’s TOC Frankfurt wrap-up

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Ramy Habeeb and Arthur Attwell feature lightly in Kirk Biglione’s TOC Frankfurt wrap-up:

TOC Frankfurt differed from previous TOC conferences in a few notable ways, however. First, the event lasted just a single day, rather than the usual three. As a result, attendees got what might best be described as a concentrated dose of the TOC vision. Then there was the fact that the conference was being held in Europe for the first time. The Frankfurt conference had a distinctly more international feel to it than previous TOCs.

Read the full article here.