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In this text, published on the British Council main website, Octavio Kulesz describes his experience as a finalist for the International Young Publishing Entrepreneur Award in 2006.

“In 2005, I was working as director of a small independent publishing house, which was quite successful but not advanced technologically. I thought we should be using more technology, but did not really know how. I heard about the IYPY award and applied. It offered an opportunity to participate in the London Book Fair and tour the UK publishing industry, both of which presented a chance to make contacts and learn about new technologies.

My participation in the programme in 2006 was a very beneficial experience. I made a pitch at the London Book Fair for work published by my company and visited publishers in England and Scotland. It was a huge boost for me – a very encouraging and motivating experience for a young publisher. It led to many changes in my professional life and changed my way of thinking.”

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