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Are there new ideas in our C&binet?

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On his blog, Arthur Attwell speculates about what C&binet will be able to do:

Tomorrow the first C&binet forum will start a conversation around issues important to the creative economy. In particular, there will be a lot of discussion around making money from the arts in a digital world. The Internet has broken business models that were based on selling copies – books, CDs, DVDs, newspapers – and this is scary. After all, for many of us, our jobs are on the line. My field, book publishing, has come a little late to this party, and we’re still taking it all in.

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Kotobarabia’s Arabic E-Books Extend Borders

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Chip Rossetti covers Kotobarabia’s work on Publishing Perspectives:

Most of the difficulties faced by Arabic-language book publishing stem from two basic problems: government censorship and very limited distribution. But with e-books, Ramy Habeeb, founder of the Egypt-based publisher Kotobarabia, has managed to bypass both seemingly intractable problems. As the first e-publisher devoted exclusively to Arabic-language titles, now offers over 8500 books in 31 subject categories, ranging from “Literature” to “Business Management,” “Banned Books,” and the provocatively titled “Hot Topics.”

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