The Digital Minds Network is a network of consultants who specialise in digital publishing in emerging economies. While our consultants operate independently around the world, the network adds value for their clients by pooling our resources, strategies, insights and experience.

Whether we work with small local businesses or large multinationals, the network provides a distinctly global view, and lets us find and understand trends and best practice often hidden from mainstream publishing. Our consultants are experienced publishing professionals and entrepreneurs who hold or have held senior positions, can draw on a wide array of contacts locally and internationally, and demonstrate an invaluable combination of technical, financial, strategic, and communication skills.

Arthur Attwell is the founder of Paperight, a network of independent print-on-demand bookstores. He’s building Paperight as a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow. Before Paperight, he co-founded and ran Electric Book Works, a book production and consulting company in Cape Town, finding and testing digital-publishing best practice in emerging markets. There he also founded Bettercare, which publishes course books for nurses, doctors and midwives. He worked in educational and scholarly publishing for two multinational publishers before starting EBW in 2006. He has presented at conferences in South Africa, India, Europe and the US, and was runner-up for the British Council’s International Young Publishing Entrepreneur award in 2009. For a full résumé, see Arthur’s LinkedIn profile. You can find his articles and presentations at arthurattwell.com.

Ramy Habeeb, Director and co-founder of Kotobarabia.com, graduated from McGill University with a double major in Literature and Religious Studies, after which he lived in Okinawa, Japan for three years. Returning to Egypt in 2004, Ramy, 29, saw that Egyptian Literature was not reaching an international audience and realised this was because of two disadvantages that the local publishing industry had yet to overcome: distribution and censorship. Seeking to bypass these problems he established Kotobarabia.com in September 2004, becoming the first Arabic language e-book publishing house in the Middle East.

Octavio Kulesz has a degree in Philosophy from the Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has been a professor in Ancient Philosophy at the same university. In 2000 at the age of 23, Octavio and his mathematician brother, Leopoldo, co-founded the independent project Libros del Zorzal. In 2007, Octavio started a new publishing house, Editorial Teseo, exclusively based on POD and focusing on Academics. From April 2007 to May 2008, Octavio Kulesz has chaired the International Young Publishing Entrepreneur (IYPE) Network. He is the author of the widely acclaimed report Digital Publishing in Developing Countries (commissioned  by the International Alliance of Independent Publishers and the Prince Claus Fund).